Candlemas is coming: let’s make crepes!

On February 2nd, we celebrate Candlemas Day! By the way, do you know what this date corresponds to?

Candlemas was originally a religious festival during which torchlight processions were organised. Over time, the torches were replaced by candles, which gave their name to the “Candlemas” Day.

So why do we eat crepes?

This tradition comes from… pagan rites! We used to celebrate the land’s fertility around the 2nd of February. For the occasion, crepes were cooked with last year’s surplus flour. With their round shape and golden colour, the crepes symbolised the solar disc and the return of Spring!

Treat your customers with De Paris à Brest products!

Nowadays, Candlemas has become for many people the Day of Crepes, and a very good excuse to eat lots of them! And what could be better than generous Breton crepes, which you can find at De Paris à Brest?

Garnish them with our delicious cream of salted butter caramel, with raspberry, hazelnut or chocolate! Or try our confibreizh or our jams ! All are available in our collection FoodService or Grocery.

And if you would like to add an original recipe to your menu for that special day, find your inspiration among the recipes in our catalogue Rendez-Vous 2021 :

Crepe parcel with fried red fruits and balsamic vinegar
Pan-fried strawberry crepe with green pepper and whipped cream
Mirabelle plum milk chocolate wraps

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