Gourmand caramel

This café gourmand caramel is made up of a delicately crunchy macaroon and an unctuous caramel hazelnut. This salted butter caramel sauce is eaten with shortbread sticks. A good excuse to lick your fingers at the end of the meal!

Enjoy the intense taste of salted butter caramel enhanced by the lightly roasted flavor of the hazelnut. This fruity note subtly recalls the subtle almond taste of the macaroon. In addition to bringing a savory crunchy texture to this dessert, the shortbread sticks allow to enjoy it in a thoroughly delightful, fun way!

Find in the café gourmand caramel all the flavors and the good mood of Brittany to finish the meal!

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Did you know?

Salted butter caramel is originally a soft caramel that can be found in French recipe books as early as 1946. This Breton speciality is made from semi-salted butter, usually eaten in western France and particularly in Brittany, a maritime region where there are many salt marshes.
Today, salted butter caramel is an ambassador for Breton gastronomy, appreciated throughout France and very popular with tourists!