Chocolate cake, coffee foam and mango sorbet

Embark on a gourmet and exotic getaway with this chocolate, mango and coffee dessert! From Paris to Brest – French Desserts takes your senses on a journey with a delicious chocolate cake accompanied by a mango sorbet and coffee foam.

Of course, we have selected for you the best of French know-how to make your taste buds travel. The intense flavors of cocoa blend harmoniously with the sweet and pronounced taste of mango. The combination of hot cake and cold sorbet enhances the flavors for a thrill of pleasure. The airy coffee cream brings an indulgent smoothness to this generous dessert. A unctuous chocolate salted butter caramel brings together flavors and offers a typical Breton final touch.

Let yourself be guided by your appetite and go for our chocolate cake recipe!

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Chef's tip

You can replace the Saint Honoré tip with another piping nozzle.