Florentines, cream with almond and oranges

The minimalist presentation of this dessert contrasts with the richness of its flavors. It is composed of a florentine biscuit broken in two, an almond and orange cream and an orange jam.

The florentines of this recipe are made of almond and hazelnut chips, pieces of honey candied orange and dark chocolate. The intensity and crunchiness of these ultra gourmet cookies are enhanced by the delicacy of the cream and the sweetness of the jam. This blend of textures awakens the senses and gives a generous consistency to the dessert.

Go for this very easy-to-make recipe and surprise your guests with the explosion of tastes that hides behind its sleek design!

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Did you know?

The first traces of these delicious cookies made from honey and candied orange peel can be found as early as the 17th century in France and Germany. Some say that the recipe is very French, and that the Florentines were named after the city of origin of Catherine de Medici, queen of France born in Florence, Italy, in whose honor the Florentine quiche was also invented.